The Three Stages Of Growth

Over the years, studies conducted to survey the lives of really successful people in business, sports, arts and other positive spheres of human endeavour showed that these great guys passed through three core stages before they got to their desired destination. These guys didn’t just arrive at fame; they worked through toils and pains. Many of them endured different shades of crazily debilitating situations before fortune eventually smiled on them.

Today, these three core areas of growth are still in fashion; they have not gone out of style. They are laid down principles that every success-oriented person must pass through to advance to their desired level of expertise and expansion. And contrary to how today’s society is trying to convince many young people that success could be achieved with a deep sense of wishful thinking, it has never been established.

Any success gotten without observance of these three stages is regarded as premature; it is always never sustained. It has a way of filtering away through lack of proper management. This is why lottery winners go broke after a few years of enjoyment. This is so because the inexperienced individual has never been truly tested through the crucibles of life. So, when life’s real tests show up, as they always do, the persons involved will become confused and disconnected. Testaments of this fact are littered throughout history.

Therefore, to enjoy lasting success in your pursuits, you have to pass through these core areas.

  1. The Observance Phase

This phase is usually characterized by restlessness. Here, the mind is usually restless and wanders because of its high level of confusion. Confusion felt at this time is associated with the fact that the individuals think they can do everything. But, in reality, no one can do everything really well. We are all born unique with special gifts and abilities. Only pure observance of these gifts and potentials can bring them to fruition.

In this phase, after the confusion comes clarity of purpose if the individuals stay longer. The clarity gotten through sheer discipline is what allows the individuals to sit back, relax and focus on what they are really good at.

This phase triggers passion. It also allows the individuals involved to keenly observe other people that are good at this designed area and absorb their work modes. They will begin to learn the conventions, rules of engagements and the skills needed to succeed. They might decide to choose a mentor or find solace in books and other materials that are designed for people like them.

After this phase comes to the next phase.

  1. The Practice Phase

This is regarded as the most difficult phase in the life of an achiever, and it can last for many years. Here is where the individual begins to take baby steps. He will begin to practice, in small measures, what he has spent previous years observing from the masters in his field. At this level, concentration and failure are very high. But it is through these failures that mind confidence and business courage are built.

The constant practices in this stage will begin to open small doors for the individual. Networks and contacts will also follow. If the individual practices hard enough, more doors will further open. And because he shows promise of great deeds in the future, masters in his field will notice him and allow him in their chambers to learn more from them.

The problem with this stage is that it is very deceitful. Many near successful people have been stuck in this zone for too long because of the deceits. Often times, the small successes gotten from this zone make the individual too proud to learn and experiment further. To guard against this, the individual has to kill every sense of pride. Otherwise, he will slip, or stay permanently in this zone without the real taste of legacy success.

When Steve Jobs was alive, Zuckerberg always went to him for guidance. Most times, while taking strolls together, Zuckerberg would take notes or just listen. Jobs allowed Zuckerberg into his space because he showed promise for the future. Zuckerberg utilized the opportunity to learn and practice. Today, he has grown into the rank of a master.

  1. The Expert Phase

This is the phase of certainty and mastery. Here, the individual has learned all the skills of his industry. And because he has learned very well, he can decide to break and invent his own methods to work. This is also where true success is sure; your name and handiworks will fling open big doors for you.

In business and life, the currency of expertise is time and dedication. Research has shown that you must pass through the 10,000-hour rule to get here.

Real expertise in any field of endeavour comes through years of keen observation and intense practice. The dexterity shown by experts is often admired by all. But only a few can put in the high level of work ethic and discipline exhibited by people in this phase.

To achieve the very best of life; to become an expert entrepreneur, painter, designer, writer or musician, one has to pass through these core stages.

Are you willing to put in the work required to get here?


is a thinker, content developer and business development strategist. He is the Principal of Richard & Malcolm Consulting; a business development company. Richard enjoys working with entrepreneurs and leaders pursuing transformational change for their organizations. He is the author of two books – The RICH Theory and Advance. Connect with him on twitter @RichardChilee

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