The Four Elements of Execution

”Ideation is queen, strategy is king, execution is emperor,” I told an entrepreneur in a business consulting session. His organization had had many strategy sessions in the past. The sad thing is that they have been able to execute only a few of their well-meaning strategies. Their usual Monday morning strategic meetings have turned into periods of employee conflict resolutions. This drag has also affected the company’s bottom line. They are also losing their competitive edge in the marketplace.

If you look closely into the activities of many organizations today, you would realize that the walk from strategy to execution is a long one. It’s often so long that many organizations fail to complete the journey. These organizations, having a no clear understanding of the elements of execution, wander aimlessly; carrying out activities that do not fit into the organization’s core purpose.

Having a close link between strategy and execution is really important in shaping the life of an organization. An organization’s strategy is their promise to deliver value: the things they do for customers, now and in the future, that no other company can do easily. Their execution occurs in the many decisions made each day by people at every level of the organization. An understanding of this difference is the first step to grasping the steps to bringing your organization’s ideas to reality.

How can an organization simply and effectively execute their ideas? This four elements can easily help you bring your ideas to reality:

  1. Technology

Today’s business world has been drastically shaped by the advent of technology. Life as we know it has also been furthered by technology. Any company that intends to move from where they are to where they intend to be must learn how to embrace technology. But few organizations have fully done this. Many organizations are still stuck in yesterday’s business world.

In the business consulting session, I asked the entrepreneur to state, on a scale of 1-10, how aware they are about technologies in their industry. He gave a vague response. I figured out, with disappointment, that he did not want to spend money acquiring the latest technologies that would make work easier for the organization even though employees have made demands for these technologies.

In carrying out this first principle, the organization’s head must fully embrace technology. They must make sure they are fully aware of the latest technological trend that will help shape their execution processes. Doing this will bring a breath of fresh air into the organization.

  1. Human Skills

Walking from strategy to execution requires a high level of human skills. The organization must have the right kind of people equipped with the right skills for the job. The organizations that spearhead transformation in their industries are those that have the right people with the right skill sets. They also understand the place of continuous training for profound attainment.

There is no going back on this. If you want your organization to attain the high levels of execution into your organization, you must be willing to bring in good heads. But they don’t come cheap.

  1. Good processes

Great organizations understand the importance of processes for execution. They make sure every step taken to achieve an organizational objective is properly designed and documented. Poor organizations do not see any need for having great processes.

To execute effectively, your organization must be able to put in place good processes and systems. This enhances easy replication in the future.

  1. Organizational structure

This is the core of every form of organizational attainment. Every idea that must make an impact on the organization must obey a structure. An organizational structure is the backbone of every organization.

Structure gives room to the right flow of information. It gives authority and ensures responsibility. It also breeds accountability. Any idea that does not obey a structure will simply die.

To ensure that your organization successfully implements all the winning strategies, you must be certain to put in place these four elements. The future of your organization is in your hands, as you have gotten this information. Are you willing to put it in the effort it requires?



is a thinker, content developer and business development strategist. He is the Principal of Richard & Malcolm Consulting; a business development company. Richard enjoys working with entrepreneurs and leaders pursuing transformational change for their organizations. He is the author of two books – The RICH Theory and Advance. Connect with him on twitter @RichardChilee

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