The 3 Types of People That Drive Successful Organizations.

In today’s fast changing business environment, every forward thinking organization must have three specific types of people in its management position to fully succeed. In many successful organizations across various industries that I have studied, I realized that they have the combination of these three core types of people. The effective combination of these three types of people brings immense managerial flair, diversity and effectiveness to the day to day running of the organization. And if you look closely enough, these guys excel in specific job functions that suits their temperaments and proclivities across organizational functions.

The three types of people that drives every successful organizations are:

  1. Ideators.
  2. Strategists.
  3. Executors.

The Ideators

The ideators are often called the dreamers of the organization. These guys have a rich deposit of imaginative powers. They are also deeply inventive. The combination of their imaginative and inventive powers allow them to come up with beautiful and interesting ideas that can propel the organization in many ways. They are also called the creative agency of the organization. – The organizational disruptors. Their core areas of interest and utilization are in areas that have to do with idea generation.

The ideators always look for ways to create new things. The beautiful and interesting things in our word today are products of their minds. They dream of things that never was, and work with a specific others to bring them to reality. And because they easily get bored with routine, they cannot thrive in a rote work environment.

Look around your organization, you’ll find this guy somewhere. You might even be one.

The Strategists

The strategists are the game changers. Just hand them any idea and watch them come up with amazing points that can sell the ideas to their targeted audience. These guys believe in connecting the intricate dots of business and technological ideas. They are often the ‘go to’ guys in the organization. They know the organizational terrains so well that they can easily position sound business ideas accordingly.

The strategists are the organization’s strategic and sounding boards – the detailed planners. They love and consume data, and are not afraid to interpret it anyway. They will always tell you the ‘How and Why’ about the organization. For them, strategy is a way of life.

The Executors

The executors are the guys within the organization that can’t wait to make transaction with the new ideas. Many times, their major concerns are in the organization’s finished products and services. They often don’t care how the new ideas or strategies come about. The core strategies they spend their time on are the selling strategies that have to do with the ROIs. These are the kind of guys that will always ask you ‘Where’s the money?’ or ‘When will we make returns?’ after making a business presentation.

The executors are often called the organization’s kings because they bring life of the organization.  While making business presentations in an organization, it is wise to identify the executors and appeal to them. And the easiest way to getting them on your side is by showing them the money. Since they have clout within the organization, appealing to them is a sure way of your presentation being approved.

The executors are highly energetic. They are always on the move for the organization. All you need do is ask them to move.

Every organization must understand these three core types of people, and put them in positions that are suitable for them. Sometimes, you can find a combination of more than one trait in a particular individual.

During hiring, organizations must look out for psychological fitness. This is a good way to hire someone whose core psychological functions are tailored to the specific task and position that’s open. Many times, organizations hire ideators to handle the job of the executor. This is a huge hiring mismatch. As a hiring manager, no matter how hard you try, some excellent ideators will remain mediocre strategists. Until you put your people in their best areas, their full capacities will never be unleashed. Putting an executor in the position of an ideator is a sure way of organizational carelessness. All they’ll do is run around in circles.

To attain organizational success, hiring managers must work towards putting the right people in the right positions. This is how to move your organization forward.

is a thinker, content developer and business development strategist. He is the Principal of Richard & Malcolm Consulting; a business development company. Richard enjoys working with entrepreneurs and leaders pursuing transformational change for their organizations. He is the author of two books – The RICH Theory and Advance. Connect with him on twitter @RichardChilee

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