Patience – A Great Business Tool.

When a baby is born, everyone in the family will be happy. The drums will roll, music will be played and all shades of celebration will be thrown into the air. Then, the baby will be given the highest level of care and concern. The family will be at the child’s beck and call, watching, feeding and making him feel comfortable on all grounds. Here, patience is of utmost importance because you’ll need it a great deal to give the child the kind of comfort he/she requires. Nursing a child through the different stages of life’s progression requires patience. Great patience.

Starting a business is akin to raising a child. Remember the celebration that came with the announcement that you are now an entrepreneur? Ok. Good. After the celebratory party comes the caregiving and business reality. You now need a high level of emotional, intellectual, psychological and spiritual patience. You need to be able to stay awake deep in the night to clean, feed and bathe the business to enable it to grow and shine. And many times, you’d do these at the expense of your own comfort.

Today, while patience is a fundamental entrepreneurial skill, many young entrepreneurs today are lacking it. Many entrepreneurs lack the patience needed to sustain their entrepreneurial walk. Many young entrepreneurs just want to start a business today and buy the latest luxury SUV and wrist watch from the proceeds tomorrow. They think this way because their sole aim of going into business is to fulfil their greed; not to continuously satisfy a distinct need. This faulty pattern of thinking is one reason we rarely find core entrepreneurs who want to pass through the refining process of entrepreneurship. This is also why we have fake goods and half-baked services around town.

When an entrepreneur is driven by value and purpose, everything in his business will be subjected to the business purpose. This is why your ‘WHY’ and ‘Vision’ are very important. And business patience is drawn from the understanding of the business purpose. It is what increases your staying power, stability, even when that business isn’t making money now.

At the core of every big and successful business, today is a very patient and focused founder. These guys didn’t just birth a successful business; they nursed and fed and cared for the business to success. They didn’t just give up on it even at the darkest period – those periods that they felt like caving in and packing up. They believed and injected more care with the faith and intention that the business was going to succeed. And it did.

Just as it takes time for a child to creep and walk into maturity, so it is for that fledgeling business to be nurtured into maturity. Stop having a money-doublers perspective on business. Stop trying to make quick cash. Stop taking actions that will frustrate the growth of your business, and complain it isn’t working.

Care, nurture and love are the many features of a patient mind. And your business needs these three to survive in the long run. Growing a business until it is capable of making a return can take time, even years. You’ll have to wait and be patient with it. Just like your child.

In entrepreneurial circles, patience is a virtue. Cultivate it.



is a thinker, content developer and business development strategist. He is the Principal of Richard & Malcolm Consulting; a business development company. Richard enjoys working with entrepreneurs and leaders pursuing transformational change for their organizations. He is the author of two books – The RICH Theory and Advance. Connect with him on twitter @RichardChilee

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