Building a Great Organization

Many times, when I talk about building a great organization and how entrepreneurs can attract the people that can help make their organizations great, I hear company executives ask me to recommend the type of people they can build a great organization with.

It has been long established that people are the most important resource in building a great organization. No great organization can function effectively without having great people in its talent pool.  And the kind of people an organization attracts is a clear pointer to the kind of organization that has been created.

Here’s the thing, the types of people that can help an entrepreneur build a great organization are not everywhere, yet they are everywhere. These people are the alpha humans – the types that are willing, and not afraid, to do what they need to do in order to do what they want to do.  They are the type of people that will challenge your existing organizational culture, ask you challenging questions and push the organizational boundaries across all levels

The people that can help you build a great organization understand the maxim that says ‘Good is the enemy of great.’ Thus, they are not just good enough people; they are great enough people. Bringing these extraordinary people into your organization takes gut and immense resources – they don’t come cheap. You also have to give them enough room to explore, to work, to think and own the job. It is instructive to note that for these people, job ownership is important. These people don’t just add technical value to your work; they also add meaning that enhances communication, connection and collaboration. These people don’t just want to get the job; they want to get the job done at all cost. And effectively too. You also have to give them enough space and a good work environment to optimize their potentials. Micromanagement doesn’t work for them.

Now, it is easy to say you need these kinds of people to help build your organization; it is easy to start looking out for them. But before you do these, I think you have to start with this simple thought: Be the kind of person that the people that can build a great organization can easily sync and work with. Otherwise, it is a futile effort trying to bring them in because, as Steve Jobs rightly said, ‘’It doesn’t make sense to hire (extremely) smart people and tell them what to do.’’

Are you the kind of person that the people that can help build your organization can easily work with?

Are you emotionally and mentally ready to give these people the high level of control and autonomy they need to work effectively?

If the answers to these questions are in the negative, I suggest you go back to the drawing board and work towards being the kind of person that the people that can build a great organization can work with.


is a thinker, content developer and business development strategist. He is the Principal of Richard & Malcolm Consulting; a business development company. Richard enjoys working with entrepreneurs and leaders pursuing transformational change for their organizations. He is the author of two books – The RICH Theory and Advance. Connect with him on twitter @RichardChilee

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